Sheet Cakes: and rounds

Cakes Newberg OR | Newberg OR Cakes All ” basic” sheet cakes and rounds include simple basic flowers, borders, writing, in Swiss buttercream customer provides toy or topper.

Basic ¼ sheet cake serves 15-20…$45.00                    Basic 6″ round 2 layer serves 8…$35.00

Basic ½ sheet cake serves 48-50…$60.00                   Basic 8″ round 2 layer serves 15…$45.00

Basic Full sheet size cake serves 96… $95.00

Cake flavors include:Triple Chocolate, Vanilla (White), Red Velvet, Lemon twist, Banana, Carrot and Pink Champagne.

Fillings include: Butter Cream, Lemon, Bavarian Cream, Chocolate Bavarian Cream, Raspberry, Raspberry Cream, Strawberry, Blackberry, Chocolate Ganache and Cream Cheese.

If you have a special flavor/filling you would prefer, let us know!

2-3 days notice is required on all sheet cakes and rounds.

**Custom sheet cakes and rounds using another medium like fondant will be extra charge.

 Life Story Cakes:

Lifestory Cakes Portland | Portland Lifestory CakesWe specialize in telling your story via cake using butter cream and other ingredients that will make your story come alive!

Base price for ¼ sheet size… $60.00

Base price for ½ sheet size…$85.00

Base price for full sheet size…$110.00

1-2 week notice is required on all life story cakes.

 Cupcakes and Mini cupcakes:

Cupcakes are standard size and come in the same flavors as the cakes. If there is a flavor you want to use, let me know I will try to create it for you.

Cupcakes Newberg OR | Newberg OR Cupcakes12 Standard Cupcakes are… $22.00 per Dozen

24 Standard Mini Cupcakes are…$ 22.00 per 2 Dozen

Tiered or custom cupcakes for weddings or big events start at …$2.00 per serving.

Custom fondant cupcakes start at… $3.00 per serving.

Please allow at least 48 hours notice for 5 dozen cupcakes or more to give plenty of time to create your product.

Custom Wedding Cakes:

Wedding cakes are by appointment only.  Prices vary according to size and detail.  Cake tastings for 2 can be available at time of appointment.  Please tell us before hand so we can be ready for you.