Cake Flavors

Standard cake flavors include: Chocolate, Vanilla (white), and lemon twist, pink Champagne, carrot, red velvet.  Are you looking for other flavors? Let us know!

Standard fillings include:  butter cream, cream cheese, lemon, Bavarian cream, Chocolate Bavarian cream, Raspberry, Raspberry cream, Black berry,  Strawberry, Pineapple, Cherry and Ganache.

Sheet cakesNewberg Birthday Cake

  • ¼ sheet cake 9x13x2 serves (20) 1 ½ inch x 2 inch pieces
  • ½ sheet cake 12x18x2 serves (50) 1 ½ inch x 2 inch pieces
  • Full sheet cake 24x36x2 serves (96) 1 ½ inch x 2 inch pieces

Any other shape pans or character pans please ask we can get them.

Cakes in any shape includes: icing, borders, flowers,  greeting or written message, edible images  and cake topper.

We welcome inspiration! We will work off your ideas for a custom cake.  Bring us a picture and we will create it for you.

Round cakes and Square cakes

 The figures for 2 in. pans are based on a 2-layer, 4 in. high cake.

We have all standard cake sizes:  6”, 8”, 9”, 10”, 12”, 14” all are 2”high. Serving amounts are based on party sized portions of 1.5 x 2in.

  • Salem OR Cakes | Cakes Salem ORRound 6×2 serves 8 ….Square 6×2 serves 12
  • Round 8×2 serves 15…. Square 8×2 serves 24
  • Round 9×2 serves 22
  • Round 10×2 serves 30…. Square 10×2 serves 35
  • Round 12×2 serves 45….Square 12×2 serves 50
  • Round 14×2 serves 63….Square 14×2 serves 80

Life story cakes

Birthday life story cake.
Birthday life story cake.

A life story cake is a cake that tells your story.  Created and handcrafted to describe the person in every detail. Using real life memorabilia to edible images copied from favorite pictures. Lots of time  and handcrafted items go into these cakes.   It is a great way to celebrate someone’s life and let them know just how special they are.

Cupcakes and Mini Cupcakes

Regular and Mini Cupcakes are standard size and come in the same flavors as the cakes.

Cupcakes can be decorated in so many different ways from really basic to really fancy.  We have a lot of fun with them.  Remember Simply Beautiful cakes is an artist based business and we enjoy creating!  We sell them by the Dozen. We also have them available for weddings.

Wedding Cakes

Rustic 2 tier
Rustic 2 tier

Wedding cakes are so special and meant to just sparkle and shine on your wedding day! Traditionally they are “The Brides Cake” showing off her personality and her favorite things Roses to glitter, and beads to swirls or maybe just a plain but beautiful cake. We so enjoy bringing the bride the most beautiful cake she can imagine.

Wedding cakes are by appointment only.  Prices vary according to size and detail.  Cake samples for 2 are available for a nominal fee at the time of the Consultation with a 1 week notice.